Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've been avoiding writing/venting about this for a while.  And maybe word "venting" isn't the most appropriate word, because usually venting goes hand in hand with dislike, and I can't very well say I "dislike" the situation.  The situation itself is exciting, and nerve wracking all at the same time, the adventure into the unknown...ish.

We're moving.  As in done, over final. We sold the house and are Arizona bound in September.  Blake was transferred with his company and he will be managing the Honeywell training accounts in the US in the US.  This move as been going forth since June, and suddenly with packing, and making arrangements it has become very real.  I'm nervous about it because Arizona will not be the same it was when we left, I've been mentally preparing myself that change. When we lived in Arizona we weren't parents, life was different and I'm  embracing that change.  This also leaves me nervous because we're leaving a lot when we leave Edmonton.  We've been fortunate enough in life to have many friends and family who have really pulled together in the last 7-8 months and become a support team for us, these are the people who have created a soft place for us to fall and a rock to lean on.  In a strange way, I feel like I'm slapping those lovely people in the face when it comes to this's an uneasy sad pit of a feeling.  I hate leaving Team Brinley...

Again, this relocation comes hand in hand with ...MOVING...yes the physical move, the packing, the organizing, the purging...all things I dislike. 

However...I'm excited.  Excited to see old friends, looking forward to no snow, warm weather, new house (not the house hunting part...blegh) I'm excited for whats to come.  It may not be all sunshine and butterflies, but the idea of something new can be a thrill.

And of course, I'm also sad.  This was our first home as a married couple.  This was the first big investment we bought together.  This is where I brought my babies home from the hospital.  It holds so many memories for us, some good, some bad, but mostly good memories.  I will miss these walls, I will miss my home.

I will miss the exceptional care Brinley has received in the last 8 months.  This has been a a hot topic between her and I.  She doesn't like the idea of a new doctor, or new nurses, because, "What if they don't know how to poke me so it doesn't hurt?'  It's not an easy thing trying to reassure her that everything will be ok, she's adapted so well to her environment that changing it seems almost cruel.

Moving along...

I was lucky enough to see my best friend this weekend.  She has been my best friend since I was 10 years old and she liked my lunch better than hers, and something clicked.  Tawnya is someone who has always been there for me, no matter what, and as we've gotten older...nothing has changed.  We still laugh at the same stuff we did 19 years ago, and we usually laugh so hard that one us ends up with the hiccups....I'm sad to be further away from her, she's been a rock for me, especially when it comes to dealing with Brinley.  I will miss her tons, but I know even moving back to Arizona won't change that bond.

Tomorrow marks the 30 days until this house is someone else's home...let the packing begin!

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