Monday, February 4, 2013

Time to create some memories.

It's been a busy few weeks, which has been to my benefit because I've been able to focus on stuff, and not just, "has my kid relapsed?".  Last week my best friend came, she always manages to swoop in and give me encouragement  and she doesn't judge. I can talk about the ugly details, my worries and concerns, and I don't have to clarify, or worry that she thinks I'm crazy, she get it.

She was so pale
Brinley has been experiencing some sharp pains in her head, which ended her back in the clinic because she was very pale. Her blood counts were good, and I was able to chat with the oncologist who discovered the leukemic cells in her spinal fluid. He did let me know that more than one pathologist had confirmed they were cancer, and that cytogenetics more than likely won't have answer for us, but that was to be expected, I didn't have high hopes resting on cyto being able to confirm the cancer. In one week we'll bring Brinley in for a CBC and then on Tuesday (the 12th) she will have her LP and BMA (lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspiration). Her oncologist figures we will see more leukemic cells in which case we can skip over cytogenetics. He thinks it's just an isolated relapse, which is good, it'll be hard on her body, but the out come is very good. It's just a very long 12 months of chemo.  I still can't believe I'm even blogging about this...ugh.

The next little while we are in limbo, we're not sure whether we truly celebrate off treatment, or if we prepare for the next chapter in this cancer any case, Blake and I figured this calls for a trip to Disneyland. It could very long time before the 4 of us get quality time together. Wednesday, we'll get the kids from school at noon, and make the 5 hour drive to California  They have no idea, we've told them that Brinley has an appointment in the city, and we have to take Carter because we wouldn't be home in time to get him from school. So from Wednesday to Sunday we'll be in the happiest place on earth, trying to take in every happy moment.

Here are some pictures from Brinley's recent photo session with The Gold Hope Project.


  1. Morgan these are wonderful pictures, just beautiful, and so glad
    you made your trip to Disney. You have such a wonderful little
    daughter who is ready to fight this battle once again, she has
    learnt from you and her experience, and with the help of her
    Dad and big bro, she will do it again. One family unit with their
    game face on....

  2. My love and thoughts are with you all. The loss of your Mom is so great, and
    so very hard for at this time when you are facing this second battle with Brinley. Love, hugs, Auntie Pauline