Sunday, December 19, 2010

Exercising Protocol

So first, I will start off saying that Brinley is doing very well.  Imagine a huge balloon with a smallest tiniest pin prick, and all of that air is leaving.  That is my little girl, each day she slow deflates back into the old Brinley-Roo. Each day her cravings lessen, and she becomes less irritated with my existence, it's a lovely thing.  Even though her hair is falling out more and more, her personality is less grouchy and more...Brinley.  I'm also thrilled that she only has to take an antibiotic 3 days a week now, less medication means less negotiating on my behalf...which is good because I'm running out of options.
cuties ready for the party
         On Saturday we had a Christmas party to attend, an event I was super looking forward to, mingling with adults, gets a thumbs up from this cooped up momma.  The kids were well behaved, and happy to go, Brinley was especially thrilled to get dressed up in a new party outfit.  Around 6pm she felt a bit warm to the touch, so I took her temperature (yes I carry a thermometer with me everywhere). Her temp was 37.9 and it stayed there for a bit, then went to 38.2, at the hospital they tell you over and over that any elevation in body temp is an emergency.  For a few reasons, but one major reason is that if her body is fighting off an infection her temp will rise, part of that "infection" could be cancer cells multiplying again, relapse.  Lucky for us this was not the case with Brinley, they took her blood and her counts were good, and whatever her body was fighting off, her blood was healthy enough to do that on it's own. SIGH OF RELIEVE. 

It was a first time scare since she's been diagnosed, and one we will probably revisit many times again, but now we know what to expect so it's a little less scary, just a little bit.

Once Blake and Brin arrived back home she was in a good mood and ready for bed. Once she was settled back in Blake and I just looked at each other, knowing exactly what the other was thinking..."yep this is our life for a while now, sit down and get comfortable"

before decadron
after decadron

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