Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1, 2, 3, GO

Today was the dreaded PEG shots, dreaded because Brinley doesn't handle needles oh so great.  She did however handle this better than I had expected, sure she got nervous and then she tried making deals, and as much as I would have loved to cut a deal with my 4 year old, it had to be done.  To say I'm completely exhausted is an understatement.  I feel as if I haven't slept in weeks, I'm worn out and drained, so tonight I'll be hitting the bed early.  Over all Brin has been handling the new protocol better than I had thought (seems to be a pattern here, maybe I need to give her more credit?)  She's very tired, and groggy, but the nausea has subsided for now.  I also expected her to eat tons and tons of food again, being that she's back on steroids, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  She says she's hungry, then the moment she sees food, she won't eat. Basically two drugs having two very opposite side effects at the same time, looks like chemo wins. Today they left her IVAD accessed because we'll be back in Thursday for chemo and blood work, no point making her have another poke.  On that note, today Brin was accessed for the first time without magic cream (numbing cream) she handled it like a champ, she cried a bit, but the pain was dismissed the moment they wheeled the treasure chest in. Thats my girl, keeping her eye on the prize.  Anywho, here are some pictures from today! 

I know the pictures may offend some people, and that is not my intention, but cancer is offensive and invasive.  I'm not trying to scare anyone, I'm just showing the most honest view of this disease that I can.


  1. Wow, what a little trooper, the photos are reality, which has to be
    faced. Pictures tell us how it is, I can't imagine anyone being
    offended Morgan, but they do not have to look, if there are such
    people out there.

    This is your journey which you are sharing with
    us, and I appreciate your honesty and open heart, and I think it
    helps those that wish we could be closer and more hands on, but
    can't. I do hope you can get some rest and some good sleep,
    charge those batteries....and...keep on going. Hugs, lots..

  2. What a lot of ouchies and pokes!! Brinley, I love the smile after it was all over! The anticipation of having yet another needle, and confronting your fears. WOW, what a Brave little girl you are!!
    I hope you feel better soon!