Friday, May 13, 2011

friday the 13th

I should have updated this yesterday, but I was too busy running around preparing for what I was told would me  10+ days in the hospital.

Wednesday the doctors came in and informed us that Brinley's blood cultures came back positive. There is an infection gr owning in her central line leading to her heart.  So they switched up the antibiotics to two different kinds, one is very 6 hours, the other is every 8 hours.  The type of infection is gram positive cocci in chains, which could be a number of different infections.  We were told yesterday that nothing had come back from the labs, so my mind was in over drive on how I was going to manage the next 10 days in the hospital.
 I ran home and packed a bag for Carter because he is now being shipped off to Gramma and Papa's house.  Unfortunately, Blake has meetings, and I'm stuck in the hospital with Brinley, so Carter is going to have some good one on one time for grandparents.  He's really excited for it.  I did get to spend sometime with him Wednesday which was important to both of us, I miss him like crazy when I'm here.

Thursday was a hard day, the whole agony of being away from home and locked in this 14X14 room was getting to me.  I missed my husband like crazy, and knowing that he was only minutes away was driving me nuts. Brin had another platelet transfusion because she dropped from 23 to 9.  Her WBC was at .6.  She also received many her daily doses of antibiotics throughout the day, and refused to eat or drink anything.  She was lethargic, and moody to boot.  After 24 hours of her not eating, the doctor came in and suggested they insert an NG tube so she could be tube fed.  This morning she was eating.  Thank goodness no nose tubes!  She's not eat much, but at least she's eating, even if its only yogurt, peas, and a few crackers. 

Also the news came back that the virus was indeed strep, which means we should be going home this weekend! Carter will still be going to my parents house, because Brinley will still need IV antibiotics everyday for 10 days, but it's a lot better than having to stay here. Her counts have picked back up, platelets are 93, WBC .9, Hemoglobin 87.  She may need a blood transfusion before we head home, but that will just give her an extra push to feel better.


  1. Oh that is great news, you can get home, even on a strict regime, as you say, its far better than the hospital room. Nice that
    Carter gets an unexpected little "holiday" with his grandparents, and
    that helps you too. Hope it all goes smoothly and Brinley responds
    fast to the meds and feels better soon. Hugs....

  2. are such a wonderful Mommy, and your sweet children are so lucky to have you, as is your husband. You are the glue girl...and you along with your Mom, Dad and husband are your kid's world..I am so glad you have this outlet to share your feelings - you can't just hold it all in or you will burst - so keep up with the blog - it is good for your soul, and in turn is the best for your kids.......I pray things will get better. We love you,

    Sue, Rick and Laurel White - former Auntie Angie's Daycare folks.......take care xoxox