Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Beaded Journey, 19/11/2010 to 03/05/2011
It's Tuesday, that means Brinley has 3 more days left of ara-c and then we have a 3-4 week breather from all of the chemo.  I keep telling myself it's 3 more days, and then we can let her rest.  A few more weeks then we're in long term maintenance, and with a sigh of relief there is also a tinge of fear.  You mean I won't be getting blood results every week?  You mean every sniffle, cough, fever, complaint of pain will set me off?  And then what after that?  When she's off treatment, it feels like a nail biting game of "wait and see"  Don't you wish you could just get a break from yourself sometimes? I tell ya, I'm getting very sick of myself.

Pushing around Steve and her new blood.

Last week Brinley did awesome, despite the chemo everyday she is truly a remarkable little human.  To top it all off Brinley's hemoglobin was 60 today...yeah 60! She was full of energy and happiness and she was sitting at 60 the whole time.  The doctors were blown away on how lively she was for being so low in counts.  Needless to say she had a transfusion, she had to be given 2 full units of blood to bounce back and also give her a little booster for this weeks chemo.  She sat for the whole 4 hour transfusion and didn't say a word, she watched 2 movies, we played a few games, read a few books, but she was absolutely perfect. She did ask why she needed new blood again and I told her because her old blood needed help, and she said, "why because my bones are making sick blood?"  Something like that Brin.  Tomorrow we're back at it, but only for a quick little chemo push, and back home to send Carter off to school.  She also starts soccer again tomorrow evening *gulp* she's looking forward to it, even if that means she wears a jersey and sits on the side lines cheering. 


  1. Ack, yes, it's so hard to start looking into the future. I try to tether myself to the present, but I can drown here. Anyway, obviously these kids are smart and resilient and are learning lessons even we adults don't feel ready for. xo Theresa

  2. Brinley is just amazing, she is a trooper and as we try to cheer her on,
    she is now ready to go to her first soccer meeting and cheer her
    team on. It seems to me, kids just deal with it, they don't ponder
    and worry about the next part, what resilience.

    Way to go, both of you, fingers crossed for the rest of the week.

  3. Brinley, it is amazing how much energy you have with such low blood counts!!! You are a little tiger!
    Brin shows such maturity when accepting her procedures with such a sense of normality and calmness! What a brave little girl!'
    I hope you have fun at your soccer game!
    lots of love