Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Done and Over With

We did it! (enter Dora the explorer song) Brinley's counts were good enough for day 29 dose of chemo.  I'm glad we got to wait a bit now, even though I was upset about it, I realize it was for the best.  The bounce back she had was lovely, especially over Easter break.  Blake had Thursday-Sunday off which was nice, we didn't get much done around the house, but we got to spend some good quality time together and with the kids.  We've also been going to nice looooong walks in the evening together, it gives us time to talk, unwind and take a moments breather.  However my parents will be leaving next week, so we'll have to adjust and take the kids with us...oh and probably cut the walk down to an hour instead of two. 

On to Brin, today was day 29, she started off with the usual blood counts, and an 8 hour IV drip for hydration.  The cyclo can cause kidney problems, so hydration is a must.  Once she was good to go with the cyclo, they did an ara-c push, then hooked the cyclo up for an hour drip.  After that she went down for her LP.  This is where my sanity takes a time out.  I always go into the O.R. with Brin, it's not easy, as I've previously stated, but it has to be done.  This time as her eyes closed she started coughing.  It's a side effect, but its the first time it's happened to me.  I told the anesthesiologist that Brin was a bit congested and he made note of that.  Skip ahead to 40 mins later.  Brinley arrives from recovery, dopey...happy, but super dopey.  We get her settled and let her have a snack and a resident comes over to chat.  Apparently Brinley stopped breathing during the procedure.  Um excuse me?  "yes we need to draw more blood to see if her oxygen levels are ok, we'll send them down to respiratory and go from there"  Turns out her oxygen levels are just fine, but her little congested nose got in the way somehow.  Scary stuff, especially since I felt really sick walking out of the O.R. after leaving her.  Never ignore your intuition, sometimes you don't realize what it's trying to tell you, and then later you have your "ah ha!" moment.  But this time everything about me wanted to run back into that O.R.  This happens, I understand that, and I'm not going to beat myself up about it, because it can't be avoided....but holy crap Brinley, stop scaring your mom!!!

Going to the beach with Papa
 Moving on, she's in much better spirits now, she still has her IVAD accessed and will for the rest of the week.  She had her nabilone and should be off to bed in a few minutes.  Then it's WALK TIME!


  1. It's really great that she got started again, one step closer to maintenance!! She's lucky they didn't make her stay overnight for the hydration, I guess the protocol is different at our hospital. And the Ara-c, I had to administer that myself through an insouflant in her arm, hated that. She looks really beautiful, love that Hello Kitty cap!

  2. Another stepping stone conquered today, what a little trooper she is.
    So happy to hear the weekend was fun and lots of quality time spent
    with the kids. Way to go Morgan - you did it, scary stuff included.
    Fingers crossed the rest of the week goes well.