Friday, April 15, 2011

Moving on to day 29

I'm a pleased to say after having over a week of sick little girl, Brin did a 180 on Wednesday.  She woke up in a happy mood, excited for her spa day with grandma. Mom and I took her shopping wondering when and if she would flake out on us, but she didn't.  Brin did great, she got her nails done, bought her hello kitty hat with Monday great gramma  gave her, and then I got her a new pair of sneakers for Disney world.

Which brings me to another topic, yesterday we received our flight info from Make A Wish!! Excited!

I'm so grateful to my mom being here right now, I seriously don't know what I would do without her.  She's been helping out in so many ways, weather it's keeping Brinley occupied, helping Carter with his spelling test, or just being here simple to get Carter on and off the bus.  I'm also so thrilled that both of my parents are coming to Disney with us.  Blake and I knew long ago when the kids were young that we wanted my parents to come, not just because they are family, but because the kids are so close to them, that having them NOT there would be almost weird for them. It now we'll all be traveling together for a lovely week in Florida. Very exciting!!!

Moving on to yesterdays events.  We went to the hospital yesterday to get Brin's counts, her Hgb was 104, which is low, WBC - 7.7, PLT 587, her neutrophil was 0.7% which is also low.  However everything is high enough to start her 2 week chemo regime on Monday.  Blake has taken the day off  of work because it'll be a long stressful day, and I'm so relieved for that.

***The last few days I have really personally struggled with this blog.  I considered stopping writing because I've had a person(s) that are unwelcome in my life pop up once again and this time they are offended.  I had a hard time debating whether I close this tiny window into my life, or keep writing because so many other read it and give me strength and courage through their comments and emails. I've decided to keep my blog going (yay!)  This is MY outlet, this is how I keep people I care about up to speed on Brinley.  No one is forcing you to read this, you do it on your own accord, if you don't like what you read, then please, hit the tiny "x" in the top right hand corner of your web browser. But if you feel the urge to comment, or email my family with anything pertaining to this blog,  other than words of encouragement, or asking how Brinley is, I strong advise you to keep it to yourself.***


  1. Glad to see Brin smile and glad Day 29 is on - it'll be great to get it over with!

    And darn skippy it's YOUR blog and YOUR life. So sorry you have had negativity because of it. I could say so much more, but that's the gist of it. ;)

  2. She looks so refreshed and happy in that picture. Glad it was a good day for her! Im glad you decided to keep blogging. I think about Brinley and your family daily and I know for myself that writing blogs is very thereputic and freeing. Your doing great!

  3. Please don't stop because of one problem, it is therapy for me, to know
    how things are going, it is therapy for you, and yes its the caring, and
    cared for...we know, and that is all that matters.....

    Love the hat, love the good news about the trip, love that Brinley
    smile, love you all.....have a great weekend.

  4. Don't ever stop blogging coz of umsupportive people. Just delete anything they send you. Its a time in your life where true friends/family do not turn on you. Cut them off, they are not worth your energy.

    I am sending as much Kiwi loving as possible over the ocean, bless Brin and her amazing courage (and you guys too!!) She has more at 4 than I do at ... er.... 29 *cough* ;)

  5. I read this blog regularly and it definitely keeps life in perspective on all accounts. I frequently cry when I read the posts (the pregnancy hormones don't help) and realize how great life is in general. Whatever I am going through isn't a fraction of what Brinley is and I can't fathom being in your shoes. You definitely keep me strong and remind me to keep my head up :) Whether you feel like it or not, you're definitely the family's rock and they couldn't do it without you, Morgan.

  6. Brinley, you are such a fun shopper, what a great girls day out!

    Morgan, I am so glad that you are keeping your blog. These are YOUR thoughts and feelings, it is very difficult to express your personal emotions on paper, but you manage to write from the heart. Good for you! This is a very difficult and emotional time for your family and if anyone with ANY SENSE of compassion or empathy could be so inconsiderate and insensitive to take issue with one of your entries than that is their problem! Obviously "she" took it personally and perhaps isn't thrilled about her dirty laundry being aired out but sometimes the truth hurts.

    Just blow any irritating negativity away and keep positive! Love to you all!

  7. Whoever this negative person is, just tell them to buzz off and take their negativity elsewhere!