Friday, January 28, 2011


Made by: Uncle Francis

I want to start off by saying how incredibly lucky I am.  Even though I might be a bit down in my luck in the illness department, I am rich in amazing, and supportive friends and family.  I consider myself so lucky to be surrounding by such a strong group of people that can pull together and hold my hand through this insane roller coaster I seem to be on. 

Five and a half years ago, I was lucky enough to meet some fabulous women, all with children the same age as Carter.  We all bonded over the insanity and beauty of what motherhood is, and happy to say these lovely ladies are still my friends.  Since Brinley's diagnosis, each of them has rallied around me and has given me amazing strength to keep this fight up for my baby.  March 5th they are holding a silent auction to raise funds for Brinley and our family. 

I'm also moved by the amount of people who have approached me to find out what they can do to help, or what they can donate for the silent auction. Simply lost for words, stunned by all of it. 

This is the first time I have been excited in a LOOONG time. Which brings me to wonder, "how can I pay this forward?" I wonder what people do when they do not have the amazing support I have? Is there a committee of people that dedicate their time to organize events to raise money such as this?  I know there are foundations for hospitals etc...but what about the families?  Hmmmmmm food for thought.

On a side note, I am happy to report that Brinley and I danced our heads off today.  Just hung out and danced. It was an awesome moment, and made this week SOOO much more better.

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  1. You have been paying it forward as a person in general as long as I have known you. Considering we live thousands of miles apart and I know this much, those around you are definitely immersed in your wonderful spirit! You deserve nothing but the best, as that is what you pay forward every day, whether you realize it or not. Sending lots of love your way!