Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Joy

Now that the holiday insanity is over, I finally have a moment to compile my thoughts into yet another blog.  This year was great, even with everything going on around us, I am happy to report that it was better than I had expected.  The kids were thrilled to see their grandparents, they absolutely love their gramma and papa.  I also am thankful for them, through this they have been the best support system I could have asked for.  I realize that it must be killing them inside to watch Brinley go through this.  The last time they seen her she was out of the hospital, and happy to be home, but this time around we had to deal with migraines, vomiting, and grouchiness.  It's particularly hard to my dad I think, he's a light hearted joker, who bounces freely around the kids making them laugh their heads off.  Brinley was more or less irritated with it this time, and I felt bad for him because I know deep down all he wants to do it make her happy and smile, even at a time where it's impossible to do so.  I love my dad for that.  For the strength and determination he shows even when I know it's not what he feels inside.  I am incredibly grateful for my mother.  She bares a lot of the brunt, particularly from my frustration with this whole situation and I become short with her when it's unwarranted.  She never lets it get to her....if it does, she never lets me see it.  She's been a huge strength source for myself and Blake as well, and even though I can't verbally say it (in fear of getting completely choked up) I love her for everything she does.

So mom, dad, I love you.

I am also thankful for my beautiful lovely friends, and family.  You all have been so wonderful to our family and our little girl, and I appreciate every kind word, and gesture you do for us. 

Alrighty moving on. 

This Christmas both kids were thrilled, they had selected only a few toys each and wouldn't you know it, Santa got them every single one! Even some they didn't know they wanted, as Carter puts it.  I was also happy that my bestest friend from elementary school came to visit us, I always love it when the Isnardy family comes to see us. It brings me back to easier times, and it allows me to really laugh and step out of myself for a moment and look back at the "older times"  It was the best present ever this year.

Brinley has been doing great, she is still deflating and I notice it more and more everyday.  She had a few complications over the holidays due to her last lumbar puncture.  Because she had leaked spinal fluid during the last procedure, she had a weeks worth of painful migraines, fluctuating temperatures, and of course, vomiting. I spoke to the oncologist on call a few times and he suggested giving her coke, and codeine...interesting, but it helped ease the pain and pressure from time to time.  On Thursday after a whole week of a sore head, she didn't have a headache, but of course, being Thursday, and Thursdays are our days at the hospital, we had to take her in for another LP.  Lucky for us, because of the headaches caused from the last LP, they gave her the week off, and adjusted her protocol by a yay! no LP! and no headaches!!!  They said it wouldn't hurt because her blood work was good, and there was no risk, especially since she has oral chemo once a day. 

I'm happy to report that she is now playing much much more, usually in her room with her ponies and barbies, but she's happy to sit up there and play for hours by herself, I think it's peaceful for her, and I'm all for peaceful at this point.

Well that is all I have to report today, I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year, and saying goodbye to 2010...I know I did.


  1. Morgan, I'm so glad that your parents can be there for you in this time. It's really nice to have a support system around you while you're going through difficult times. It sounds like the kids had a great Christmas! I'm praying for you and your family, and that Brinley's treatment will be as painless and easy on her as possible, and that it's extremely effective! Happy New Year to you and your family, and I hope the new year brings great health!

  2. Happy New Year to you all. How nice to have the week "off" so to speak and hopefully enjoy it. So many of us have or had such amazing parents, and you are no exception. As you say your Mum has a stamina and a smile, even when taking that deep breath needed at times, and your Dad, well it is hard not to smile when he is around. Poor Brinley must have really been feeling awful not to enjoy that, poor little muffin.

    As difficult as this year may be, there are going to be many good times,
    happy moments, and good memories to be made. Hang on to that
    Morgan, we are all out here cheering you on, in prayer, thoughts and positive thinking, you can and you will get through this. Auntie Pauline.

  3. I loved being there, and if you needed me there tomorrow i would come tonight!!!!

  4. We love you too!! Everynight I say a pray for my children and my children's children. We love you all very much!! As a grandparent it is very difficult to watch your grandchild go on this devastating journey! As a parent my heart aches to watch my daughter go through this with her child. I have faith in knowing that your patience, strength,and compassion will help carry you and your family on this difficult and unknown path you are traveling. We have always been proud of you, but never more so than now!
    Your courage and support that you Blake and Carter have shown Brinley is overwhelming and heartwarming. So Chin up Moe Moe , you are doing a good job!! We will always be here for you. Love Mom and Dad